So not only am I embarrassed that this is my second blog ( I should be on my 5th or 6th by now) I’m actually writing some of this during the festive period when I should really be spending time with my family. It seems to be the best time to catch up on tasks that you have ignored/not made time for. This long overdue post is about Crafty Sip, my monthly creative session started in September last year.

So what is Crafty Sip? Crafty Sip is a collaboration with Deborette – Creative and 1000 Trades, Drawing inspiration from the DIY Bar in Portland, Oregon, USA – Crafty Sip sessions are a fun way to spend a few hours ‘crafting’ with your friends on a sociable level. You have the opportunity to produce up to two mini creative projects, with two drinks over a maximum of three hours all included in the price. The idea came from a tweet that came my way, it was a call out for a sociable crafting session in a bar environment.

The aim of Crafty Sip is to enjoy being creative and projects have varied each month. You work at your own pace with the original intention of following a step-by-step method sheet for making your projects( i haven’t quite done this yet). Projects created to date include a leather bi-fold wallet, leather credit card slip, leather cuff, hand stamped silver pendant and leather keyring. Future projects will include further leather accessories, the sessions are a great introduction to leather crafting.

Fancy giving it a go? Well the next Crafty Sip session is on Sunday 21st January 2018 2.30pm – 5.30pm – you can take a look here

and read a Crafty Sip blog post here by 1000Trades

Want some further reading? I was interviewed for JQ Life in September, where I talked about B18 Leather and the collaboration with 1000 Trades with Crafty Sip. You can read that here.

By the way, Santa brought me some time management enthusiasm, so watch this space for further blog posts.